Building philosophy:

~ Sustainable construction methods ~ sound relationships ~ attention to detail ~


It starts with listening. Whether we are designing, building or finishing your home, our team is committed to providing the intangible benefits of honesty, pride, ingenuity, transparency and resourcefulness. We take great pride in knowing that every one of our homes will stand the test of time and hold its value. That commitment doesn’t stop once you move into your new home. We offer a comprehensive builder’s warranty management system to respond quickly and professionally to any warranty problem that arises      


We believe our commitment to design excellence, superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service results in the most beautiful, energy efficient homes that our clients will treasure and experience a long-lasting value and return on their investment for years to come.

  • Cheap is never the same as affordable
  • There is always a good alternative
  • Cost never guarantees quality – good or bad
  • A home should always be a good investment
  • Beauty can’t be defined sufficiently to suit everyone's concept

With those concepts in mind, we adopted these principals:

  • No home should ever sacrifice basic construction quality
  • Every home should contain the one feature that is most important to its Owner
  • Fulfilling a customer’s need is more important than selling a house
  • Each home should be finished to the taste of the Buyer – not the Builder
  • Minimum standards should never be determined by price of product